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Instructors adopting the textbook can request lecture notes from the publisher. The lecture notes consists of one PDF or PPTX file per chapter ready for the classroom.

Here is a sample.

Contact the publisher or the author to request a free copy of the lecture notes.

Computational Thinking articles for AroundKent magazine

  1. Computational Thinking—An Overview, Vol 13, March 2017

  2. Everyday Computational Thinking—It Can Save Lives, Vol 14, June 2017

  3. Cyber Security—How Not to Be A Fish, Vol 15, October 2017

  4. Home Sweet Homepage :-), Vol 16, January 2018

  5. Net Neutrality Is Not A Slogan, Vol 17, June 2018

  6. Bitcoin Is No Coin, Vol 18, Sept. 2018


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